Birds on Kangaroo Island

Birds are abundant along any walking trail, by any lagoon or coastal flat, on any beach or headland on Kangaroo Island.  Some of the 266 bird species found on KI  are  no longer on the mainland – Southern Emu-wren, Shy Heathwren, Beautiful Firetail and Western Whipbird are in this category. The Glossy Black-cockatoo no longer exists on the mainland and is still endangered on the island, but a management program has increased its numbers to more than 350.

Eastern Osprey - spring.jpg

Australian pelicans are plentiful on the bays and shores, as are many migratory shore birds on tidal flats, eg in Bay of Shoals. The spit at Point Reeves, near Kingscote is a favourite place for them to gather.  A treat if you head to the southern coast is an Eastern Osprey nest at D’Estrees Bay.  Take care to keep your distance in the nesting season, as the nest is very exposed.  Black Swans, and Freckled, Blue-billed and Musk ducks, are just a few of the resident waterfowl found on lagoons, sheltered bays and tidal flats.

Across the island, there are 15 species of honeyeater including Purple-gaped, Tawny-crowned and Crescent . You will see wrens, firetails, pardalotes and thornbills in conservation and national parks, and along vegetated roadsides. 

These useful resources prepared by Birdlife KI

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