KI is cooler in summer - December to February

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Visiting Kangaroo Island in December to February? When it's sweltering in Adelaide, it can be up to 10 degrees cooler on KI! The average temperature is 15-27 degrees C and monthly average rainfall only 20mm.

Here are some more interesting facts: 

  • December to February Average temperature 15-27o C, monthly average rainfall 20mm

  • Sparkling marine waters yield a summer feast of southern rock lobster, giant king crab, snapper, nannygai, southern garfish, flathead and scallops

  • Oyster season continues to the end of summer

  • Fig trees are filled with fragrant fruit ripe for the picking

  • Kangaroos, tammar wallabies and koalas shelter from the dry heat of the day in bush habitat making nocturnal wildlife tours a must

  • Nesting birds abound and Little Penguins stay on land to moult

  • Numbers peak in the fur seals colonies at Admiral’s Arch in January

  • The threatened Rosenberg goannas, the island’s largest terrestrial predator, lay eggs inside warm termite mounds. They are very active, so look out for them crossing the roads

  • Festivals and markets are enjoyed by the community and visitors including American River Gala Day (December), Kangaroo Island Gourmet Gallop (January) and the island’s biggest party the Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival (February)